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Hi! I am Diva Mommy

I am just a full time working mom who finds humor in my pain of raising 5 boys and one daughter. Life is stressful and I try to find as much light in the darkness as possible. I sometimes feel like Lucille Ball with my marriage. My Nana as a mother and a mouth like a sailor. 

Diva Mommy is a mom of 6 amazing kids, a wife, an artist and full-time advertising consultant who lives in the Bay Area. In a world where technology is the staple she’s gone back to her roots of creating. Raised by her mother who was a professional artist and her father who was a test pilot for the army she moved around a lot and was exposed to many parts of the states. Her love for theater, design and fashion took her to school for interior design but she has gravitated to making things with her hands again. She has a bohemian aesthetic and lives abstract. The more colors and textures the better.

I was raised as country girl visiting my Nana's ranch every weekend and grew up thinking I should be a fancy city girl. So I moved to the Silicon Valley and have the best of both worlds. High cost of living with a creek behind my house and homeless roaming in my hood and jumping my fences with millionaires as neighbors. I am about an hour away from almost anything  but cant afford to go because my daycare fees cost more than my mortgage. Hence Diva Mommy. I can be home with my kids and still paint, design, spray tan, drink, and blog. What else can a girl ask for. Right?


This site is a virtual diary to share my joys, pains, struggles, successes and insight on how my life is going. We as women, mothers, sister, aunts and best friends need to empower each other and know we are not alone in the battle called life or motherhood/ marriage/ employee/ role model/ girlfriend/ sister.

Just laugh at my pain and know I can't take life seriously, I can't drink away the pain. I usually choose the later. Diva Mommy is my website to sell art, laugh at my life and vent on things i can't control. I can be a little dark and self deprecating but I do feel I am honest. I've been told I am too sensitive. Wearing my heart on my sleeve. My husband tells me i am always using my sales tactics on him. I am feisty and sensitive, bold and loud. But i don't lie about how I feel and I have a hard time playing the corporate politically correct game. 

Anyway, I am babbling already. I hope you enjoy my artwork and want to take one or more home with you and laugh as you read my daily stories  when you see my art in your home or office please feel free to post it on social media and tag me @mrs_dayvs or @_divamommy

I would love to add you to my email list and share my adventures of motherhood, art and humor.

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