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Boys will be Boys?

As you know I have 4 boys under 8 and each are completely unique to each other. Even though they are raised in the same home with the same parents. Each have amazing character and personality. As parents we want to empower our boys and teach them to be independent but with this #METOO movement we are in and moving forward it is harder and harder to have some serious conversations that little boys just don't understand yet.

I have one son that loves grabbing his "stuff" and talking about his private parts, which encourages his other brothers to laugh and follow his actions. When I talk about it to others, "oh that's just boys being boys" is what i hear. Does that make it ok? Do they get a pass because they have genitalia that is outside their body? That makes it ok?

I try not to be uptight but i consider myself a feminist so I struggle with how to keep them young and not put my hang ups on them. I DO want them to be respectful and comfortable. I don't ever want to shame them either. We teach them that NO ONE is allowed to touch them and no one is allowed to violate them. You don't touch others and they don't touch you. Then in a house with 4 young boys there is a lot of naked booties running down the hallways and giggling about butts and penis/balls/private parts.

I know it is a phase and this too shall pass, but I want my future teenage boys to be super respectful and not be influenced by negative friends and the struggle we all had to feel "cool" at school. To try to hard to be popular. We all know that might entail peer pressure and making bad choices. I just want to instill so much at such a young age. They have a pretty tough momma so I have such a hard time balancing good cop and bad cop. I have high expectations and I hold them to high standards. I hope they don't need years of therapy when they are grown ups. But I don't want them living in my basement in their 30's either.

I love my boys I hope I am not screwing this mommy thing.


Diva Mommy

Boys will be Boys?

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