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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Dayvs Drama is an entertaining journey and I want to share the laughter and the tears, the funny and the stress of being an artist, a wife, working full-time with 4 little boys.

My family
The Dayvs Family

So this is it. The family in one room without crying, fighting, or on some electronic device.

My gorgeous husband, Cornel and I have been together since 2004. He had two great kids, Imani and Jacob and just like that we were instantly a family. Then we had 4 more boys. Xavier, Quincy, Kameron-Zaire, Apollo..

My life is an adventure to say the least. I work full-time and started a new hobby that has turned into another career, Art. I love painting or refinishing things and decorating is my jam. We are always coordinating schedules with work and school, sports practice, games, dr. visits, music classes and teacher conferences.

Blogging and Painting

I am using this site to share my adventures of motherhood, the good, the bad and the down right ugly. We've all been there. I just try to find the humor in my pain. And i want you to join in the laughter and know you aren't alone.#dayvsboys #dayvsbaby #diva_mommy06 #_divamommy #mrs_dayvs

I am also going to work on selling my art here too. If you are interested in anything or want to have something made for your home, office or a gift. I will also take orders from here.  

Please join my mailing list and stay up to date with my blog and my art and i might even share some yummy recipes that were a hit in the Dayvs household. 

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