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Fall Break isn’t for the weak.

This week my 3 school aged boys had no school. Fall week. Whatever that is. I, being the full time go-getter and never stopping person took the week off. Not to take them on a fun filled vacation. No that isn’t fun. And no I didn’t have anything fun planned. Nope. I did it because the week of childcare would cost as much as my mortgage.

How on earth are we supposed to work full time jobs and have 5 weeks out of the school year where we have to find childcare? I’m already making up for the entire summer.

Day 4 the boys and I were bored. So I took them to their favorite summer camp after school care program. The same program my baby goes to. Y. W. C. A. They spoil my boys and love them immensely. So they had 4 hours of their day with someone other than me.

We survived the week. I survived the week. My boys got a long, for the most part. No blood. No tears. I didn’t have to day- drink to survive the constant “Mom” or whining. Or my favorite pet peeve, tattle telling. We hung out. We laughed. I was their mom. Not employee. not stressing on work or clients. Just home being their mom.

The house is clean. My desk is clean. My kitchen, clean. I didn’t have appointments. Or conference calls, i didn’t plan any personal appointments. Life slowed down this week and I got to evaluate many things. And found appreciation for many things I probably take for granted.

Making the boys breakfast. Or better yet watching them make it for each other, watching their team work and patience. Seeing them gain confidence and find their independence. They haven’t been whining. We negotiated and compromised. We said thank you and please. They laughed and played together for hours -drama free.

Most noticeable, I didn’t have to yell or get overwhelmed. A whole week and I was a good mom!!! Not short or frustrated. I got a week with my boys and nothing else

got in the way. I couldn’t do this for a living but it was nice to stay home and be a mom. a wife. And sometimes an artist.

Next week I’m a mom, employee, taxi driver, errand running, wife who has a special needs son starting a new school, new teacher, new expectations and that gives me anxiety for him. He‘ll be fine but I’m always going to worry about him.

I like this mom I am this week. And I hope this lasts. I need to remind myself that I can be this mom. And remember this week who I was.

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