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Sweetness of my kinder

Yesterday after picking up my boys from after care at school my kinder showed me how he had money, 2 pennies to be exact. And even though he thought it was a lot he handed the to me in the car and he said “mommy, here you go this is for you to help pay for aftercare.“ melted my heart that he was willing to give me his ”monies” to help me because he enjoys his time at the aftercare.

There is hope for this one. The others wouldn’t think of spending their money on someone else or giving it away to help another.

This morning he wanted these particular black socks with green strips. They are his favorite. He could only find one. So he put it on and found a white sock for the other foot. Instead of complaining or making a big deal he found a solution. One is better than none. And today he is off to school with one white sock and one black sock with green strips.

Ive learned a lot from him.

Offer to help even if others may not need it.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

One is better than none.

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