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Today he Turns 9!

He is the tallest 9 year old at the school and he is only in 3rd grade. Today was his birthday. It is always hard to pick him up or come home and see him as you never know when he will have a meltdown or start screaming and pushing back for no reason. It isn't easy as a mom to have your son call you names or yell at you in frustration and nothing is making sense.

It is even harder for his younger brothers who can't understand why mom and dad give him so many passes or why they get in trouble for upsetting him. It is so hard to cater to trouble maker while the victims are crying and don't understand fully what their brother is going through.

I love all my boys and all their different personalities. But the triggers are not consistent with my 9 year old. So we never know when and where we will be when he explodes and screams and drops to the floor crying, which 9 out of 10 times turns into a bloody nose scene. It is quite dramatic and a very low point for me as a mother.

I am not complaining, more explaining. No one knows how to manage a child with special needs that isn't a straight line diagnosis. He isn't autistic and consistent with his triggers, nor is he down-syndrome with the same routine. He is all over the place and short tempered and rages on things i would never think could be an issue. I get short and frustrated and try all the different angles to approach him. But what i need to do is breath and hug him and try to stay calm. Today we only had 2 meltdowns. short and quickly moved on. but it is hard on everyone in the house.

Tomorrow is another day and we can only pray he stays calm and collected and if he does melt down i stay stronger and more contained. He needs me, his 3 brothers need me, and i need my sanity.

First Day of 3rd, 2nd, Kinder, daycare

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