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When Life Gives You Lemons....

It all started last Friday, when X man told me his teacher (who we felt was perfect for Xavier) wasn't going to be his teacher anymore..... Let me give you a little history.

Last year, 3 weeks into school X kept mentioning he had a substitute. Again and Again. so i finally showed up in the class and there was a lady in the class with little enthusiasm about being in the room. Wasn't exactly proactive in the class, it was hot mess. So I turned around and walked right into the main office to get a straight answer and everyone looked at me like a deer in headlights.... Out comes the Principal looking scared and asked me to step in her office. Where she proceeds to tell me she is working on a replacement and it is very difficult to find special ed teachers after the school year has started. There is a shortage. Yet never told any parent, no communication about this change that will affect my son. I wasn't happy, nor was the hubby. It went downhill from there.

blah, blah, blah. a full school year with no permeant teacher. And Xaviers academic growth went backwards.... No growth, no progress... It was Shoots and Ladders and we kept going backwards. It was the most frustrating year to say the least.

We spent all summer trying to get him into another school. We were willing to drive even farther to get him in the better program. Not every school is equal and not every school offers his category (non category SDC mild to moderate) So I am left in the dark as to what is available where and dependent on the Program Specialist to be open and honest.....

It didn't go well, every-time we tried to get him in to a different school we got, "sorry there's no room for him" or "Sorry we don't have that classroom at that school anymore" We went to Stanford to get more doctors to evaluate him and help us with the IEP requests he needs..

When it came down to it, his current school was the only viable option and we were promised that they hired a full time permanent teacher. So, we were skeptical but moved forward at the same school.

We loved the new teacher and even though we had "rough' days and he acted out. We knew it was because he was being challenged and there was structure. We loved the progress, the structure and to be honest the love he was getting. This teacher cared, a lot.

So when X tells us that the principal came in last friday to tell the class his teacher won't be there anymore i freaked out. I text the teacher before i went through his backpack and found a formal letter stating due to a"'credential error" we will know have the Resource Specialist take over. Apparently his teacher is credited for moderate to severe and the class is categorized as mild to moderate.

Monday we went to meet this teacher, who was less than dismissive and when she finally realized we weren't leaving so she pulled us aside to tell us everything wrong with our child. Excuse me? you can't be serious? I was so HOT! I wanted to scream, quit my job and home school him. Anything but keep him at that school. Xavier didn't even want to go to school anymore. He loves seeing his friends and taking the bus. That all changed the next day. It was heart breaking. He acted out all week at home, with his brothers and with me. It was very draining.

I wrote to the Special Ed dept and I was very clear that we are out. Do whatever it takes but we are out. Within an hour I got a call and an email and they were willing to look into our options. 3 days later we did a tour of the school we originally wanted and we are in. Today is his last day.

Although he has been here for 4 years and has tons of friends and the staff cares for him. I thought he would be upset but he was a trooper and became excited that today was his last day. We are so hopeful that a new structured environment will be better for him.

There are no Minimum days that we have to maneuver around. There is an on site after school program that has room for him. It is all inclusive school and closer to home. Tears of joy for this mom.

Now we have a week off for Fall Break and a week to gear him up for the transition and a week to prepare.

What started off as a very emotionally draining week for everyone ended on a high note. We are sad that Xavier had to have such a rough week and Mom had many meltdowns too. But it all happened for a reason. And now we are right where we wanted to be.

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