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Yesterday was a bad day

Yesterday was a hard day.

I read in on the news actually FB but from a famous writer who informs us of racial inequality happening in the states.

Yesterday was Lousiville at a Kroger grocery store. A older white male entered the store with a shot gun and targeted blacks. He killed an older gentlemen shot him in the back of the head with a shot gun. While the mans young grandson was shopping with him. Do you know what that little boy saw?

Then he he left the store and targeted another beautiful women sitting in a chair outside. While this was about to happen another white male saw a man with this shotgun and yelled at him. The shooter turned around and his response was “don’t worry i won’t shoot white people!”

That grandpa in the store could’ve been my father-in-law. It could’ve been one of my young innocent boys. I am heartbroken, I am shocked, I am MAD! I am scared.

Im in a biracial marriage my husband is gorgeous and dark and extremely fit and intimidating by looking at him. He has a great big heart. He is funny and very smart. He is educated and a father of 6. He’s an amazing father and he is a target. He was handcuffed a week ago for protecting his family when a homeless man came on to our property to vandalize. He was let go and my husband thanked the officer for not shooting him.

These are are the times we are living in. Hate crimes are now the norm. This isn’t #blacklivesmatter with just cops. This is #blacklivesmatter against all the outrageous bigots who are empowered by Trump and feel they need to get “their” country back. Why are white males so threatened by black males? Why are they assuming they need to get rid of them. This wasn’t the white mans country to begin with and they didn’t steal it from the black people.

Im scared and I am a white women with tons of privelage. I see it. And walk it and know I am able to do, say, act differeny then my husband can in this climate. I’m scared for my husband daily. He drives ride share to make ends meet and I’m afraid daily of him getting pulled over by a racist cop. Or shot by a bigot in the store. People are crazy and there’s no way to protect him. I’m afraid my boys will be there and witness this hatred or violence. Im afraid of shooters on freeways and racists in line at the stores.

Im sick of angry white men thinking erasing all ither races is the answer. I’m angry we have a bigot and a joke as a president. I pray that people vote. I pray for civility. I pray for Karma. I can’t imagine what my boys will be subjected to and I dont want them to be a statistic of gun violence or unnecessary abuse of an officer. I want to raise my boys and live happily ever after with my husband I want my boys to have their own kids and boy be afraid of what theyll be subjected too.

This is not what I thought raising mixed boys would be like in 2018.

The justice system is broken and our boys are being left behind while white men are committing crimes and getting slaps on the wrists. And looked at as victims. They can be caught raping and get 6 months. Or be a rapist and be afraid me a Supreme Court judge.

This is is just me venting and not my normal type of blog. I just want you to vote. And let your voice be heard. All the hashtags in the world can’t make the change as one person voting.

Stop the insanity. Stop the hatred

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